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2013-2014 School Report Cards


comment posted by Mrs. Underwood on 05-25-2014
Thanks to all who made this a great year! I miss my students....
comment posted by Tj on 05-21-2014
I miss Mrs.u
comment posted by addie winters on 05-20-2014
i will miss mrs u
comment posted by Kaitlyn snapp on 05-18-2014
I will miss our school Clara Reynolds elementary
comment posted by Kaitlynsnapp on 05-18-2014
Mrs underwood is the best teacher if ever had
comment posted by Jodie Pruneda on 05-16-2014
Mr. Crowder dah !!!!!!! :)
comment posted by Lauren Price on 05-14-2014
Gonna miss Clara Reynolds Elementary!
comment posted by Connie Jewell on 04-30-2014
Thank you so much Miss Molly Montgomery!!! I love being your teacher!!
comment posted by James Hill on 04-24-2014
The tire swings are very nice. I love lunch. Mrs. Hessman is one of the best principals I have ever known.
comment posted by Madison Jones on 04-14-2014
Mrs.Underwood is the best teacher EVER!!!!!!!!!
comment posted by Donna Clark on 04-13-2014
Great performances by the High School and First Baptist Church Jazz Bands at the first annual Jazz Festival held Friday night at Harrah Church. Thank you to all who came out to support the Harrah High School band fundraiser.
comment posted by Landrie Williamson on 04-12-2014
I love Mrs. McCroskey!!!!

comment posted by Helena Teel on 04-05-2014
I love Clara Reynolds Elementary!
comment posted by Heather Caldwell on 04-03-2014
Ford Caldwell has discount cards for Men's Warehouse tuxedo rentals!!
comment posted by math numbers on 04-02-2014
mrs. neary + teaching pre cal = awesome pre cal class!!!!
comment posted by Molly Montgomery on 04-01-2014
Mrs.Wilkins,Mrs.Devine,and Mrs.Jewell are the BEST teachers EVER!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
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