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Harrah Public Schools
20670 Walker Street
Harrah, Oklahoma 73045
Phone: 405-454-6244
Fax: 405-454-0022
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comment posted by Mrs. Edmonson on 11-20-2014
JH Yearbook needs your help! If you have any 8th or 9th grade football pictures please send them to Thank you.
comment posted by Mrs. Underwood on 11-20-2014
Grace Bauman....I think of you often! Such a "Bang on Time" kid!!! :)
comment posted by Mrs. Underwood on 11-20-2014
Addie....I miss you, too!!!!
comment posted by Mrs. Matthews on 11-10-2014
Thank you Landrie for posting on my page and going to to check out the picture for CRE!!!
comment posted by Landrie Williamson on 11-09-2014
Great job Mrs. Matthews on the Red Ribbon door! It looks so amazing!!
comment posted by Grace Bauman on 10-28-2014
I miss you so much Mrs.Underwood!!!!!!!!!!!You were the best teacher I've had so far!!!!!!
I will always be thinking of you!! !!😊😊
comment posted by mike halferty on 10-26-2014
Shout out to ms jewell and ms holland for being the best teavhers ive ever had i use everythin you two taught me and i want to thank yall for being great teachers
comment posted by E.A on 10-09-2014
School this year is amazing. I like all my teachers!!!! The ADV. classes are really fun.
comment posted by Hunter Jonas on 10-01-2014
I love Mrs.Cook and Mrs.Sawyer
comment posted by Chey Dixson on 09-26-2014
I love Mrs.Cook,Mrs.Sawyer, Mrs.Gault,and Mrs.White!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
comment posted by addie winters on 09-09-2014
i miss mrs.underwood!:(
comment posted by Buna Wiegert on 09-05-2014
I am new at harrah junior high I am a manager of the kitchen the junior high staff are very friendly and nice thank you
comment posted by olivia denekas on 09-01-2014
Hi Mr's. Caldwell and Mrs FREER and you guys rosk
comment posted by Summer Boston on 09-01-2014
I love Mrs. Devine :)
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